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How To Hire An Attorney

From the outside looking in, hiring an attorney seems like it should be a fairly straightforward process. And it can be, but there is more to it than most people realize at the outset. 

To begin with; all lawyers are NOT created equal. Just because a lawyer passed the state bar exam does not mean that they are qualified to represent you. You wouldn’t hire a divorce attorney to handle a medical malpractice case, so before you hire a lawyer, do some research and make sure that they’re capable of serving your needs. 

In deciding whether an attorney is capable of handling your case, it is crucial that you ask for their track record. If the attorney is hesitant , or avoids sharing with you, there’s a reason. We’re proud of the work we do and results we get for our clients, see our results here. Also be sure you ask for references. Talk to other legal professionals and clients who have worked with them and make sure that you’re getting the full story before you commit to hiring them. Here are just a few of our client stories for your review.

From there, you will want to check out their social proof. You will want to make sure that any awards they tell you about were granted by a reputable source and/or agency. For example, all awards the Poppe Law Firm® and Hans Poppe have received were awarded by reputable organizations at the national or state level and none were bought and paid for.

The final and most important questions to ask; are they insured in the event that something goes wrong? How much are they insured for? Many lawyers get away with practicing without insurance, and their clients are the ones who pay the price. All attorneys associated with Poppe Law Firm® are fully covered and will keep you safe in the event that the unexpected occurs.