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Auto Accidents

Have you been injured by someone’s negligence? Has your loved one been injured or died as a result of someone else’s irresponsibility? Were you involved in a collision and injured by a drunken driver? Then you may have a case and we can help you resolve it.

Automobile, truck, and tractor-trailer accident and related deaths and injuries happen too frequently and the numbers grow yearly. These devastating occurrences may have been prevented. If you, or a loved one were involved in a collision where you were not at fault, we would like to help you pursue justice.

According to the Kentucky State Police Statistic just in 4 months of the year of 2007 there were 256 fatalities (as of May 3rd). Unfortunately, the numbers are on the uprise. Just for the same period in 2006 there were 250 fatalities. That means that in just in one year there will be a total fatality increase of 24.

While The Kentucky State Police is committed to the safety of citizens of the Commonwealth we are committed to protecting your rights when they were violated by somebody else. We realize what a loss it can be for you to be injured or to lose a loved one – and then we are ready to commit to pursue justice. We will evaluate your case, provide you with nformation on our strategies, initiate the investigation and, if necessary, take the case to trial.

At The Poppe Law Firm® we are dedicated to your proper compensation in fighting for justice and punishing those that ignore the rules and don’t obey the laws.

Automobile, Semi Truck, Tractor-Trailer Accidents

As IT technologies develop, humans rely on computers more and more. Computer technologies are widely used today for the visualization of the collision mechanisms to define the causes and prove the negligence of the defendant in an accident case.

Auto, tractor-trailer or semi truck accidents are not simple cases. They should always involve a thorough analysis. During the process of prosecution, often times, reconstructionists, crash impact specialists and human factor experts are hired for the purposes of investigation. Employing a toxicologist is appropriate when alcohol and drugs are involved in an accident. At The Poppe Law Firm® we know what specialists are needed for your case beforehand. We use our wide knowledge base along with our experience to resolve your case to your advantage. The Poppe Law Firm® has worked with respected professionals in every possible field that might be appropriate for your Kentucky accident case. Accident case analysis has become the best possible evidence for officials in explaining the exact mechanism of injury. Such an illustration always includes photographs of client’s injuries. The injury photographs are correlated with the mechanism of an accident and a comprehensive illustration is created. We hire professional medical illustrators for reviewing the medical records and creating medical textbook-quality illustrations for use at a trial.

When we receive a complete report from the investigators we choose the best possible strategy for your case. Then we employ our knowledge and experience in Kentucky courts in fighting for your rights.

With our extensive experience in litigation and court proceedings, The Poppe Law Firm® is more than capable of handling even the most complex automobile or tractor-trailer accident case.

Auto Accident FAQ

  • Where can I find information on auto accidents?

    You can download our Free publication: What The Insiders Don’t Want You To Know About Semi-Truck Wrecks or contact us anytime.

  • What is the Statute of Limitations in Kentucky for a car or semi-truck accident?

    Generally, the Kentucky Statute of Limitations requires a lawsuit for injuries from a car or semi-truck accident be brought within two years of the accident or two years from the last payment by your own insurance company for BRB/PIP benefits, not to exceed four years from the date of the accident. See the FAQ for BRB/PIP benefits for more information.

  • I've heard that Kentucky is a "no-fault" state and I can't sue the other driver if I have been in a car or semi-truck accident because I am entitled to PIP or BRB benefits What does that mean?

    “No fault” is Kentucky’s statute that requires the first $10,000 of your medical bills, lost wages, and replacement services be paid by your own automobile insurance company. It was designed to allow people to recover a portion of their damages without filing a lawsuit. The first $10k of these items are paid by your own insurance company, regardless of whose fault the accident was. Once the insurance companies decide who was at fault, the at fault driver’s company reimburses the other insurance company. If your car is insured in Kentucky, you can recover these benefits even if the accident happens in another state. Furthermore, non-Kentucky residents traveling and injured while in Kentucky may also be entitled to to these benefits. No fault does NOT mean you can’t recover damages from the other driver’s insurance company, it simply means a portion of your damages will be paid without having to bring a claim or a lawsuit. If you still don’t understand, give me a call and I’ll explain it without charge.

  • If I am involved in a car or semi-truck wreck, who will pay my medical bills and lost wages?

    Kentucky is a “no fault” state, this means your own automobile insurance company will pay the first $10,000 of these type expenses. Make sure to read the FAQ on BRB and PIP benefits.

  • How much auto insurance am I required to carry in Kentucky?

    Kentucky requires that you carry a minimum bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000/$50,000. This means that your insurance coverage will pay up to $25,000 for a single injury in an auto accident and up to $50,000 for all injuries in the accident. Kentucky also requires that you carry a minimum of $10,000 in property damage coverage. As a no-fault state, Kentucky requires that your insurance company make payments for your injuries up to the limit of your coverage without regard for whose fault the accident was.

  • I was in an auto accident. Should I take pictures of the scene?

    Yes. Taking pictures of the accident is one of the best things you can do. In fact, it might be a good idea to store a disposable camera in your glove box. Here’s a few tips for taking good accident pictures: (1) Walk around the car, taking pictures from every possible angle. (2) Take pictures from high and low angles if possible. (3) If there’s a street sign or traffic light around, be sure to get that in the pictures. (4) Take a few shots from far back to show the car in relation to other cars and roads. (5) It’s best to have a camera that imprints the date and time of the picture on the photo itself. If this isn’t possible, go back and write in ball point pen or permanent ink on the back of the photos the date that you took them.

  • I was injured in a car crash. What sort of things should I bring to our first meeting?

    You should bring any notes that you made shortly after the accident or photographs that you took of the accident scene. Bring police reports, which might contain eyewitness contact information and statements. Copies of any medical records or bills from your doctor will be helpful in demonstrating the extent of your injuries. If you have information about the other driver’s insurer, you should bring that.

    In short, bring anything that you think may be helpful in making a determination about whether or not your claim will be successful. If there are documents that you are in the process of getting, but have not received before our meeting, you should let us know so that we can attempt to obtain them during the “discovery” period.

  • Are all lawyers the same?

    Unfortunately, not every lawyer can handle every kind of case, even if they say they can on a television commercial. The fact of the matter is, you should choose your lawyer only after you are convinced they will not pass your case off to another attorney if the case doesn’t settle quickly. You should also be certain that the lawyer knows enough about your type of case. For example, my firm does not handle divorces or wills or speeding tickets (we don’t know how, but we do know several lawyers who do and we can give you their names). We don’t handle these cases because we choose to stay abreast of the law in other areas and know we can do a much better job on case with which we are familiar, that is why we limit our practice and the number of cases we will handle. If you are not sure whether your case fits in one of our practice areas, please call us. We’ll be happy to tell you and, if we don’t handle your type of case, we’ll be happy to recommend someone if we can.

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