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Business Litigation

Business litigation is the area of jurisprudence that helps businesses prepare and present lawsuits to the courts with the purpose of determining the legality of a business matter or dispute of a situation.

In business, collaboration is necessary; therefore agreements are created. Sometimes businesses fail to honor these agreements. In some cases, these disputes lead to court. The consequences are different in every case.

Many businesses rarely think of trial attorneys when they require legal representation for a business dispute. They usually hire the same firm that helped them incorporate their business or draft their contracts–attorneys that charge by the hour. Unfortunately, your “business attorney” may not be experienced enough or comfortable enough with litigation to handle your case in the courtroom. Some of the largest business dispute verdicts have been won by trial attorneys. Their high success rates in courtrooms are because they are good at what they do–litigate– as opposed to those lawyers that only are experienced in one specific area of law. A trial lawyer’s focus is broad and their experience is gained in courtrooms and comes from different areas of law. The Poppe Law Firm®‘s experience and knowledge can turn highly complex information into winning cases. We understand how your business is important to you and devote our experience and knowledge to your success and the winning of your case. We will spend all of the time necessary in developing a proper strategy for your case and take the case to court.

If you have a business that has suffered because of someone’s failure to honor an agreement with you, it is not necessary to hire a business attorney. You need an attorney with experience in litigation. Especially, if you have a small business that has incurred economic losses. We represent small businesses throughout the Louisville, Kentucky area and the surrounding communities, including Southern Indiana.

The Poppe Law Firm®‘s scope of practice as a Business Litigation Attorney Firm includes, but is not limited to:

  • Breach of contract (in case of another company’s failure to honor the contract as signed)
  • Contract disputes (any disputes your business may need to litigate with a contract between your company and that of a defendant’s)
  • Failure to pay for goods or products (if the services, products, goods and merchandise provided by your company to another entity were not paid for)
  • Insurance claims and disputes (claims and disputes associated with your business’s success in getting the insurers to compensate for any losses)
  • Executive employment contracts (disputes associated with executive employment contracts)
  • Partnership disputes (any disputes you may have against your partners within the business entity)

More frequently we represent business clients that own smaller companies that are too small to have their own attorneys. We can employ contingency fee basis or a hybrid hourly/contingency basis. In those situations, we will only impose fees if we successfully obtain a recovery for you, or have agreed to something differently in advance. In business litigation cases, the court costs and case expenses are the responsibility of our business clients. However, this is subject to negotiation depending on the nature of the litigation and the projected case costs.

Hans and The Poppe Law Firm® are ready to help your business in Louisville, Kentucky in obtaining compensation for the economic losses your business has incurred. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your growing business.

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