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WHAS 11 News Story About the Tax Lien Class Action Against JAMOS

You can watch the video here, on our class action lawsuit against JAMOS for charging illegal attorney’s fees  to tax payers in Kentucky, or read the story below:

Local taxpayers are fighting back against a private lien company they claim owes them millions of dollars.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS) — Local taxpayers are fighting back against a private lien company they claim owes them millions of dollars.

Some Louisville residents said they were behind on their property taxes then got a letter in the mail saying they now owed double the amount they were originally told.

Local homeowner Flora Bailey said, “I was really upset and I got to thinking what was I do and I went and got back in debt.”

Bailey was behind on her property taxes. The clerks office sent a letter saying she owed $784.91. But then the county sold her lien to a company called JAMOS out of Northern Kentucky. Then another letter came, saying she owed more than $1400.

Bailey took out a reverse mortgage to pay JAMOS, “I just said I have to do something and i went on and did it which I hated to do it” she said.

Bailey’s attorneys said Bailey paid additional money that she never owed. Bailey is now at the center of what’s recently been ruled as a class action lawsuit against JAMOS.

Bailey’s attorneys say the fees on all the liens they’d bought amounted to $4 million for JAMOS. “This enables us to hopefully get a remedy for these thousands of people who were taken advantage of” said one of Bailey’s lawyers.

Another one of Bailey’s lawyers said, “JAMOS incorporated into their business model a scheme to collect the attorney fees for themselves without ever having paid any attorneys to do any work.”

JAMOS lawyer Lee Sitlinger said, “The JAMOS position is that it did not charge a bogus attorney fee… I think we’ll be able to show what they charged, how they charged it, and how their policies and procedures were established are in accordance with Kentucky law.”

When asked in a 2012 video deposition if JAMOS ever required an accounting from the attorneys regarding how much time they spent on any lien, the former CEO of JAMOS simply answered, “I don’t believe so.”

Flora Bailey boils down to one thing saying, “I want some of my money back.”

According to the Jefferson County Clerks office, more than 1,500 liens were sold to JAMOS since 2008 totaling $2.28 million dollars.

This case will soon head back to court where Baileys attorneys are asking for a trial date.

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