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Ironton Tribune Article About KDMC and Paulus Unnecessary Stenting

Hans Poppe was recently interviewed by the Ironton Tribune about the recent lawsuit he filed against King’s Daughters Medical Center and Dr. Richard Paulus alleging unnecessary cardiac procedures were performed the Ashland Kentucky Hospital. 

When asked what the ideal resolution would be, “The ideal result would have been for Mr. Huron and hundreds of other people to not have unnecessary medical devices placed in their bodies that require them to be on a constant medication regimen and be constantly at risk for future complications as a result of unnecessary procedures,” Hans Poppe, Louisville, Ky.-based attorney representing Huron, said. “There is no ideal resolution. The most we could hope for is for the hospital and the medical providers to acknowledge what happened there and to put in place policies and procedures that will ensure the hospital and the physicians practicing there don’t put profits above patient safety in the future.”

You can read the entire article here

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