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Regina N.

"My body and mind were exhausted. Dealing with the medical costs, insurance issues, and my inability to earn an income was intimidating, frightening, and hopeless.

Then I was blessed to find Hans Poppe. He learned my medical condition as well as the best doctors in the country. He learned the legal aspects of my case better than the insurance companies, other attorneys, and even the judge.

Most importantly, Hans treated me with dignity, respect, patience, and a genuine concern. Hans and his team gave me the confidence in his ability to seek justice so that I could focus on getting better. Hans was relentless in fighting for me, and caring for me.

My physical health and financial life were on the line, and Hans Poppe delivered a tremendous result. He’s the best lawyer I know, and even a better person -- I consider Hans and his team a part of my family now.

I hope you never need his service; but if so, I enthusiastically and without reserve recommend Hans Poppe"