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Joe and Debbie M.

"We are so very thankful that we found you! After the years we spent in the legal system, only to find out that our initial attorneys made significant errors, over charged us and then attempted to obtain even more money from us, we were obviously left hurt both emotionally and financially. We were also left with a very unflattering view of attorneys and the legal system.

That changed for us when we met you. Even after our initial meeting, we felt more empathy and understanding than we had ever experienced working with our previous attorneys. We could see a difference with you - your personal integrity and your passion for making things right. You fixed our situation, and were able to help us avoid another legal battle. What really blew us away is that you didn't charge us to do that. It's truly unbelievable. We could not be more grateful. You are definitely one of the good guys!

We will gladly be a reference for you, and we certainly will recommend you as the attorney to have in Louisville. You have a gift in the way you are able to communicate with your clients and within the legal system. It's one of those traits that you've either "got it" or you don't. You've got it! You are a rare find, not just as an attorney, but as a person.

Thank you so much for everything that you've done to help our family. We appreciate you!"