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Sophia McMurry

Administrative Assistant

Sophia was born and raised in Goshen, Kentucky. She moved to Northern California with her mom and sister during high school. Sophia went on to attend UCLA, graduating top of her class with a degree in Philosophy. She conducted philosophical research that culminated in several scholarly papers on the nature of sexual torture, and conceptions of the self, identity, and solidarity following sexual torture. She won multiple awards for her philosophical work, including the Kalish Prize for Intellectual Excellence.

She’s held numerous leadership positions at UCLA, concentrating on sexual violence advocacy. As Bruin Consent Coalition Co-Director, she implemented several events to promote, educate, and advocate for sexual violence awareness. She facilitated support groups, survivor speak-out events, and connected survivors with other resources on campus. She created the Survivors Speakers Bureau, a platform that allows survivors to speak publicly about their experiences in order to de-stigmatize sexual violence and educate and empower the community.

As a survivor of sexual torture, Sophia brings an exceptional depth of understanding and strength in her advocacy efforts for survivors. She plans to continue her advocacy efforts through law.

Sophia is a classically trained opera singer, and enjoys bird watching, knitting, and trail running in her spare time.

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