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Barbara Crawford


Barbara Crawford was raised in a small farming town in Iowa, with a sister and two brothers. After briefly attending the University of Iowa, she moved to New Haven, Connecticut, where she worked for the president and co-owner of a chain of New England jewelry stores and a wholesale jewelry company. She then moved to Louisville, Kentucky, went to court reporting school for two years and worked part time at the Boy Scouts of America. Upon completion of school, she became a freelance court reporter in Louisville, and worked in that capacity for 20 years.

Although she enjoyed being a court reporter, she decided she needed a career change. Coinciding with her decision, one of her clients asked her to work for his busy law practice. Within a month, Hans joined them. After working as an associate attorney for four years, Hans started his own firm, and asked her to join him, which she happily did. She enjoys her work and her contact with the clients.

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