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Our Firm

We don’t advertise on television. We don’t rely on a high volume of cases and we don’t claim to handle every type of case. We don’t want to and we don’t need to.

Each year we accept only a few select cases. And, if we accept your case, you will receive my personal attention.

We believe a small group of hard-working professionals, working on a select number of cases, provides the dedication, focus, and skill necessary to accomplish this goal.

Our Philosophy

At The Poppe Law Firm®, we recognize that each case starts with a personal story. We take time to build relationships with our clients and we are passionate about finding fair resolutions to their cases.

We welcome tough, complex cases and have won the respect of colleagues, judges, and industry experts for our thorough research, preparation, and exceptional results.

Some clients want us to carry their burdens for a time so that they can concentrate on getting well. Others want to be closely involved. Either way we are honored by their trust.

We welcome the chance to help you find justice.

“Our goal as a firm is to maximize verdict potential for every client we represent.”

Hans Poppe