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Hospitals See Spike in Injuries on July 4 Holiday

With the July 4 holiday coming up, hospital emergency rooms will see a spike in patients.  In fact, July 4 and 5 are the highest daily numbers of emergency room patients of the entire year.  The biggest reason for the July 4 spike, no surprise, fireworks.  On average, more than half of all the fireworks-related injuries Americans sustain occur during the first eight days of July.  The most common types of firework injuries are heat burns (38%), bruises and abrasions (19%) and cuts(15%).  Males under age 30 make up the vast majority of these injuries, with 61% of injuries being in males, and 66% being involved in people under 30.  Injuries to eyes and faces happen most frequently, followed by hands and fingers.  The good news is, in 83% of cases, patients are either treated at the ER and released, or released without treatment. 

Be safe and enjoy the holiday!

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