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Kentucky Nursing Homes Named in 2019 Federal Report for “Persistent Record of Poor Care”

Six Kentucky nursing homes, including two Louisville facilities, have been named in a U.S. Senate report on nursing homes with a “persistent record of poor care.”

Pennsylvania’s U.S. Sens. Pat Toomey and Bob Casey released the names of nearly 400 nursing homes nationwide with poor safety records that, until June 4, 2019, had not been publicly identified.

The Kentucky nursing homes included in the list are:

  • Klondike Center, Louisville
  • Springhurst Health and Rehab, Louisville
  • River Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Paducah
  • Woodcrest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Elsmere
  • Mountain Manor of Paintsville, Paintsville
  • Twin Rivers Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Owensboro

The report states that, in Kentucky, several residents were placed in immediate jeopardy when the facility failed to provide prescribed medication and treatment, and then failed to inform the patients’ physician when the treatment was missed. One resident who suffered from a burn wound and was receiving treatment that included a skin graft did not have the dressing changed or showers administered as ordered. Upon inspection, state surveyors found the individual “lying in bed with a large amount of green drainage on dressing and a pool of green drainage on the bed sheets.” The resident stated he/she was “not sure the last time the dressing had been changed.”

Often times, these injuries are a result of severe nursing understaffing, as revealed by a 2018 national study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. This follows a report from a patient advocacy group giving Kentucky a “D” in the quality of its nursing homes. The New York Times has revealed in this interactive map that more than 100 Kentucky Nursing homes are rated “below” or “much below” Medicare’s staff rating. This staffing rating is based on two measures: 1) the Registered Nurse (RN) hours per resident per day; and 2) the total staffing hours per resident per day. When nursing homes are understaffed, patient care suffers.

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