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Class Action Lawsuit Alleges “Diet” Soda Ads are False and Misleading

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper/Snapple have all been named in a class action lawsuit alleging advertisements of their diet sodas are false and misleading to consumers.  The allegations stem from advertising by the soda companies that lead people to believe diet sodas will help them lose or manage weight.  In fact, the opposite is probably true.  The lawsuit alleges the aspartame, artificial sweetener, used in diet sodas can cause weight gain and does not promote healthy weight management. 

The suit cites recent studies regarding aspartame and diet soda consumption.  The studies cannot say diet soda definitely causes weight gain, but some do correlate diet soda consumption and obesity.  The lawsuit seeks to have the soda companies stop marketing their diet sodas as “diet.” 

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