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American Airlines Employees Sue Uniform Manufacturer Over Dangerous Chemicals

Over 100 of American Airlines’ employees have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of American’s uniforms which all employees are required to wear.  Employees say they have suffered severe allergic reactions, gotten sick, and broken out in hives and rashes not only from wearing their own uniforms but from being around co-workers wearing the uniform.  The lawsuit alleges the uniforms contain chemical compounds including formaldehyde which are dangerous and cause injury to people.  Employees are also concerned the chemicals can cause cancer.  Even though the employees have tried washing their uniforms dozens of times, some even soaking them in vinegar, it has not helped. 

The manufacturer of the uniforms, Twinhill, says there is no link between employees’ symptoms and their uniforms.  Twinhill previously won a similar lawsuit brought by employees of Alaska Airlines.  American Airlines is not named in the lawsuit and it has allowed employees to wear alternative uniforms.  In June, American announced it will switch uniform supplies when its contract with Twinhill expires.  

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