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Uber Drivers Disappointed by Derby Fares

With the Kentucky Derby now behind us this year, some Louisville Uber drivers are upset at the company over Derby weekend fares.  To entice more Uber drivers to drive over Derby weekend to meet the increased demand, Uber offered guaranteed driver payments for reaching a certain number of rides from 6 p.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Sunday.  Drivers reaching 20 rides were promised a minimum payment of $300 and drivers reaching 30 rides were promised $500 minimum. 

Several Louisville drivers, and even one woman from Lexington who drove into Louisville specifically to drive for Uber over Derby weekend, say Uber did not provide the payments as promised.  While Uber did provide top-off payments, they took their usual percentage, around 25%, of the payment.  So drivers did not end up with the full $300 or $500 they thought they would be getting.  Uber states the $300 and $500 payments were guaranteed as “gross fares,” the amount paid to drivers before Uber’s fee was taken. 

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