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Speeding in Louisville

LMPD has released speeding ticket data for Jefferson County in 2016.  Speed patrols are heavier in some areas than others and, LMPD says, patrols aren’t based on the number of cars traveling the roadway, but the number of problems.  They say accident data in area is reviewed, as well as seatbelt usage data in those wrecks.  Most tickets are issued during the morning and afternoon rush hours on weekdays, as you might expect.  Officers now use Facebook and Twitter to show their locations, which is obviously something you might check while you are not driving. 

In 2016 there have been nearly 7,700 speeding tickets issued in Jefferson County.  The Watterson Expressway has made up 43 percent of those tickets.  I-65 follows in second with nearly 2,000.  I-64 has more than 1,200, and I-71 and the Gene Snyder Freeway each had less than ten percent of the 7,700 total. 

The goal is to change driver behavior, LMPD says, to make Louisville’s roads and expressways safer for drivers by decreasing car wrecks.  

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