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Woman Receives Wrong Jimmy John’s Sandwich and Suffers Allergic Reaction

A Michigan woman has filed a lawsuit against Jimmy John’s after the company delivered a sandwich containing dijon mustard.  She ordered the “Billy Club” sandwich, which ordinarily contains dijon mustard.  She specifically asked the person who took her phone order to not put any dijon mustard or mayonnaise on the sandwich.  Apparently, the woman did not check the sandwich when it was delivered before biting into it.  Jimmy John’s did not follow her instructions and the sandwich contained dijon mustard, to which she is allergic.  She began to cough, have watery eyes, and her throat began to close.  She took Benadryl and was able to place a call to Jimmy John’s who sent a delivery person back to pick up the sandwich.  She saw her doctor and continued to take Benadryl but received no further treatment.  She alleges since the incident she has been unable to speak above a whisper.  This prevents her from adequately doing her job which involved a lot of telephone contact.  She alleges Jimmy John’s failed to adequately train its employees in the dangers of food allergies.  

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