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Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Chipotle Stole Employee Wages

Restaurant chain Chipotle has recently been sued by nearly 10,000 employees and former employees.  The class action lawsuit alleges the chain required employees to work “off the clock” and the practice was well known within Chipotle, with the practice happening across the United States. 

Employees filed a class action lawsuit against Chipotle for wage theft.  It alleges Chipotle would routinely require restaurant employees to clock out then continue to work until tasks were complete and they were given permission to leave.  Managers and assistant managers have joined the suit and alleges the practice was implemented in order to meet corporate budget goals.  Some even allege employees’ hours would be edited once clocked into the system if the store was over budget. 

Most stores end shifts at 11pm and automatically clock workers out by 12:30am but workers say they were often required to stay past 12:30 to clean and were never paid for the work.    Chipotle alleges there were a few rogue managers but there was no systematic problem at the company.  

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