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Didn’t Love it but Listed it in a Lawsuit

A couple from North Carolina filed a lawsuit against the producers of the HGTV show “Love It or List It.” Each episode features different homeowners who are contemplating selling their home.  A designer and a realtor compete essentially, with the designer remodeling the current home trying to convince the homeowners to “love it,” and the realtor showing the homeowners other homes for sale trying to convince the homeowners to “list it.”  At the end, the homeowners decide whether to stay in their current but newly renovated home, or whether to “list it” for sale and move to a new home. 

This couple, Deena Murphy and Timothy Sullivan, obviously did not “love” the renovations done to their home.  The lawsuit claims the workmanship was shoddy and that the couple was exploited by unfair trade practices. Prior to shooting the episode, the couple deposited $140,000 for the renovation work to be performed by a local contractor. The couple complains that they did not choose the contractor, who they claim had unfavorable ratings on Angie’s List.

The lawsuit also claims that the “Love It or List It” producers did not use a licensed architect, which inevitably led to the “disastrous work done” by contractor and subcontractors. 

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