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Distracted Driving Contributes to Rising Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates are rising at the fastest pace in thirteen years.  With the widespread use of cell phones in recent years, both for calls and texts, it is no surprise distracted driving has increased. More distractions, of course, have led to more wrecks.  Last year there were 38,000 deaths on the nation’s roads.  Speed and distracted driving are considered a factor in 1/4 to 1/3 of all car accidents. 

Rate increases are not attributed to distracted driving alone.  Increases also have to do with the increasing cost of cars, meaning an increased cost of repair. Auto repair costs have increased with the technology used in newer cars as well as more expensive materials and components making them both more attractive and safe.  An improving economy has led to lower gas prices and more drivers hitting the roads as well. 

One of the largest increases occurred in Georgia, where rates are up 25% and traffic fatalities are up 21% from last year.  

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