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Woman Sues After Suffering ‘Beauty Parlor Stroke’

A woman filed suit against a beauty salon after suffering a ‘beauty parlor stroke’ (a term actually used by neurologists in describing such injuries) in one of its shampooing chairs.  During the shampoo her neck was hyperextended leading to her vertebrate cutting her vertebral artery.  The woman alleges beauty parlor personnel were negligent in not adequately supporting her neck to prevent the hyperextension or adjusting the chair to prevent it.  She also alleges the chair and shampoo bowl may have been defective

Two weeks after her salon service she suffered a stroke after experiencing weakness in her left arm and down her left leg.  The cut in her vertebral artery led to a clot that travelled to her brain, causing the stroke.  She now has strength, balance, and vision impairments.  The clot remains in her brain and if it shifts she could die. 

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