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Louisville Nursing Home Loses Medicare

Patient safety should be the top priority for all health care facilities.  Recently, a Louisville nursing home, The Hurstbourne Care Center at Stony Brook, was found by federal officials to have violated patient care standards. 

On July 10th federal health officials informed the Hurstrbourne facility that the Department of Health and Human Services will terminate the facility’s Medicare agreement.  The decision was reached after an investigation concluded the facility jeopardized the health and safety of its residents. The Associate Regional Administrator of HHS, Sandra Pace, said, “The survey found that your facility was not in substantial compliance with the [Medicare] participation requirements, was providing substandard quality care to residents, and that conditions in your facility constituted immediate jeopardy to residents’ health and safety.”  Two deficiencies included ants found in a resident’s bed and a resident who was nutritionally compromised.  The resident was supposed to have their food intake monitored and to be on a weekly weight regimen but was not, causing the resident to lose 9.4% of their body weight in less than a month.  Another resident suffered a swollen and bruised eye that was not monitored for several weeks due to the facility’s and staff’s negligence.  The injury was documented 30 days after the bruising was identified.  

Residents of nursing facilities and their families should have the comfort of knowing the facility will ensure their health and safety.  If you have been affected by nursing home abuse or neglect please contact the Poppe Law Firm® at (502) 895-3400.

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