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Bruce Jenner Sued for Wrongful Death in Car Wreck Case

In February it was reported Bruce Jenner rear-ended an SUV after it hit another vehicle.  A total of four vehicles were involved and one of the drivers died as a result of injuries suffered in the wreck.  Jenner’s Escalade hit the woman’s Lexus, after she rear-ended a Prius, causing her to roll into oncoming traffic where she hit another vehicle.  The occupants of that vehicle were unharmed, as was Jenner.  It was rumored Jenner was drunk or using a cell phone, or both, at the time of the crash. Jenner passed field sobriety tests and voluntarily gave police a blood sample.

This week a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Jenner in California alleging he was negligent when he rear-ended the SUV resulting in the drivers death.  The suit alleges Jenner was “careless and reckless” and “violated the rules of the road.”  The woman killed in the accident, Kim Howe, left behind two step-children who state in the suit they suffered “enormous damages and losses” as a result of her death.  They also seek to find out who is responsible for the crash.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating the crash and Jenner has not been charged with any crime. 



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