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Cellphones to Blame in Bruce Jenner Car Wreck?

Last week former Olympian and reality star, Bruce Jenner, was involved in a four car crash that resulted in the death of one driver.  The wreck occurred in Malibu when Jenner rear-ended an SUV after it had rear-ended another vehicle.  The impact from Jenner pushed the SUV into oncoming traffic where it was hit by another vehicle and the driver sustained fatal injuries. 

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is now investigating the accident and trying to determine its cause.  The Department has indicated it will obtain cell phone records to determine what, if any, role mobile devices played in the crash.  In California drivers are required to use hands-free devices if talking while driving and reading, writing, or sending a text while driving is illegal. 

Paparazzi were following Jenner at the time but reports do not indicate they had anything to do with causing the crash.  Initially it was reported a photograph taken of Jenner just before the wreck showed him holding a cell phone.  It is now being reported the photograph shows him holding a cigarette, not a cell phone.  The Department has requested phone records not just from Jenner but from all drivers involved in the wreck to show they were not on a cell phone at the time of the crash. 

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