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2014- Deadliest Year in Kentucky For Semi Truck Wrecks

The number of people killed in large-truck crashes (crashes involving semi-trucks and multi-axle vehicles) increased for the fourth straight time in the United States, to 3,964 people in 2013, which includes truckers, pedestrians and the occupants of cars and SUVs that were in wrecks with the big rigs, the U.S. Transportation Department said in December of 2014. The number represents a 17 percent increase since 2009, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  NHTSA believes driver inattentiveness and lack of sleep is contributing to the increase in the number of wrecks and deaths involving semis.

The Poppe Law Firm® has handled several cases in Kentucky and Indiana involving semi-truck wrecks and we’ve even put together a Free Informational Video and e-book.  Please check them out.  We will break down more of the stats in future posts.

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