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Syngenta Claims It’s Close To Getting Viptera Approval in China

Syngenta has faced a flood of lawsuits, including the first Kentucky class action filed by the the Poppe Law Firm® on November 7, 2014.  The lawsuits arise out of Syngenta’s rush to market of Viptera MIR 162.  Now, Syngenta claims it is close to getting approval for Viptera in China.  Syngenta has been trying since 2000 to get Chinese approval of its GMO corn, with no success.  

If Syngenta is unable to get China to approve the sale of Viptera in the near future, corn farmers can expect decreased corn prices for years to come.  China is the second largest consumer of US corn.  It’s refusal to accept corn shipments from the United States if they contain any trace of Viptera has caused a 50-60% decrease in corn prices in the last several months.  Regardless of whether a farmer grows Viptera or not, he or she has been significantly impacted and can expect to continue to experience losses in the future. 

If you are or know a corn farmer or related agricultural professional (grain elevator, etc), we might be able to assist you with a free consultation.  Please call Hans or Warner.

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