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Poppe Law Firm® offering Kentucky Corn Farmers Free Case Reviews for Corn Losses

The attorneys at The Poppe Law Firm<sup>®</sup> were the first to file a lawsuit on behalf of Kentucky corn farmers against Syngenta. (you can read about our law suit here) And the corn litigation against Syngenta for its premature release of Viptera corn in US markets is gaining steam.  Recently, on September 12, 2014, Cargill, Inc. and Trans Coastal Supply Co. each filed Syngenta lawsuits over the company’s handling of Agrisure Viptera (also known as MIR 162). “Syngenta’s motivation in prematurely releasing Viptera corn is greed,” Trans Coastal’s lawsuit says. “If not stopped, Syngenta is going to continue to destroy U.S. exports of corn and DDGs to China.”

The lawyers at The Poppe Law Firm<sup>®</sup> are working hard to help Kentucky corn farmers in determining whether they should get involved in the lawsuits we are filing against Syngenta for causing catastrophic losses in the US corn market.  Corn prices have fallen 60% since China began rejecting US shipments of corn which were commingled with GMO Viptera corn.  Syngenta was aware its Viptera corn was not legal for sale in China but continued aggressive marketing of its product to corn farmers.  These actions hurt ALL corn farmers, not just the ones who purchased Viptera GMO corn seed. 

If you are a Kentucky or Indiana corn farmer looking for assistance in determining if you migh have a claim, please contact us immediately.  You can speak with Hans or Warner regarding this case.

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