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Detroit Cancer Docter Farid Fata indicted for unnecessary medical procedures.

Detroit Doctor Busted for Fraud

Chemotherapy is one of the most frightening medical procedures a patient can experience.  But, undergoing chemotherapy when a patient doesn’t even have cancer may be worse.

This is exactly what hundreds of Detroit-area patients have endured as Michigan oncologist Dr. Farid Fata charged over $35 million over two years to provide unnecessary chemotherapy treatment

In an indictment against Fata this week, statements from medical staff reported that Fata would have dozens of patients pass through his office each day, with Fata spending only five minutes with each and hiring other doctors to provide treatment who were not licensed to practice medicine.  This all occurred in Fata’s practice, Michigan Hematology Oncology, which has clinics operating in conjunction with several hospitals across the Detroit area.

Of the more than $35 million Fata billed in the past two years, $24.3 million were billed to Medicare and Medicaid, government programs meant to assist the elderly, chronically ill, and desperately poor.  His billing made him the wealthiest and highest paid doctor in Michigan, and over $9.4 million he billed remains unaccounted.

The fact that Fata’s practice took funds from taxpayers and the most vulnerable of patients is shocking, but the grueling suffering of these patients is even more reprehensible. Chemotherapy involves taking medication that kills cells that rapidly multiply, such as cancer cells.  However, it also attacks healthy cells, causing severe immune system and digestive problems, as well as hair loss.  Additionally, the fear a patient faces when diagnosed with cancer is beyond compare.

Here at the Poppe Law Firm, we are currently pursuing claims against cardiologists in Eastern Kentucky who also performed unnecessary and costly medical procedures against hundreds of patients, endangering their lives, health, and mental wellbeing. 

No patient should ever walk into a doctor’s office and go under the knife, or be injected with a drug, that is medically unnecessary and dangerous to their health.  Doctors, and the hospitals where they work, should treat patients for illness, and not make up an illness and a treatment to earn millions while their patients and the public suffer.


If you have ever suffered an unnecessary medical procedure, or have been the victim of medical malpractice, please contact thePoppe Law Firm at (502) 896-3400.

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