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Dr. Patil Pleads Guilty To Performing Unecessary Stents at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Kentucky

Dr. Sandesh Patil pleaded guilty on June 4th, 2013 to federal charges he perfomed unnecessary medical procedures for financial gain while practicing cardiology at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London Kentucky, which is owned by Catholic Health Initatives (CHI).  Our Firm represents approximately 300 patients in these cases.  You can read the Courier Journal story here

Dr. Patil’s agreement to go to federal prison in recognition of the crimes he committed against patients is merely the first step. St. Joseph-London and it’s parent company, CHI, are equally guilty for failing to comply with laws and regulations requiring them to monitor doctors to ensure profits were not put ahead of patient safety. St. Joseph-London and CHI need to accept responsibility for choosing not to monitor doctors like Patil and they need to publicly disclose what measures they have taken to ensure patients will not undergo unnecessary medical procedures in their hospitals in the future. CHI and St. Joseph-London cannot regain the trust of our Community unless and until it agrees to accept financial responsibility for the patients and families who were injured in London, Kentucky.

Hans Poppe

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