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What Holiday is the worst traffic accident season?

Kentuckians love their holiday celebrations… whether it’s a winter’s frost with feasting and presents, or a summer’s heat with fireworks and hotdogs. But the busy and often dangerous roads add torment to any holiday. Have you ever wondered which holiday season has the highest amount of traffic accidents? Well, the lawyers at the Poppe Law Firm were wondering the same thing, and we’ve got the answers for you!

According to the Kentucky State Police, Thanksgiving is the worst holiday for traffic accidents and fatalities, with over 1,289 car and semi-truck crashes, 393 traffic injuries, and 6 traffic deaths. However, the police measure the Thanksgiving holiday from the Wednesday before to the Sunday after, covering over 96 hours.

Other holidays falling in a smaller time frame have nearly as many car and semi-truck crashes as Thanksgiving, including 962 accidents during the 72-hour Christmas holiday window. Because the varying time periods the police assign to each holiday, it is difficult to tell which holiday the worst. However, it looks like the winter holidays have more traffic accidents.

However, as you can see, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day have higher fatality rates and injury rates at least equal to the winter holidays, if not worse. So while the winter holidays may have more car crashes, the summer holidays appear to have more deadly results.

No matter the holiday, enjoy time celebrating with your loved ones, always have a designated driver, and be safe out there!

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