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What Are the Safest and Most Dangerous Driving Days in Kentucky and Indiana?

Nobody likes driving in to work on Monday, everyone speeds home on Friday, and on the weekend folks let loose on the road.  But have you ever wondered what day of the week is the most dangerous out on the roads?  The lawyers at the Poppe Law Firm® were wondering the same thing, and we’ve got the answers for you!

Kentucky State Police report concludes that Fridays are the most accident-prone day on the roads.  Of the 150,278 car and truck crashes in Kentucky in 2011, 21,711 of them were on Fridays, roughly 14.5%.  Sundays turned out to be the safest days, with 12,276 accidents or about 8.1% of all accidents.  Friday also has the highest rate of car-related deaths, totaling 113 out of the 694 car fatalities in 2011, or about 16.3%

Indiana recorded similar numbers, with 32,212 of the state’s 188,130 roadway accidents occurring on Friday, approximately 17.1%.  Similarly, Sunday is the safest day on Hoosier roadways, with 18,913 car crashes, or 10%.  However, Tuesday turned out to be the deadliest day, with 105 of the 674 fatal Indiana car accidents happening on Tuesdays, about 15.6%.

So, when you’re driving home on a Friday night and excited for the weekend, take it easy and drive safe!

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