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Kentucky Drivers: Are There More Car and Truck Wrecks in the City or in the Country?

You have heard the clichés about drivers based on where they’re from… city drivers are reckless and too fast, country drivers can’t parallel park, and drivers from any state other your own are just plain awful.  But have you ever wondered where more car crashes occur—in an urban or rural area?  The lawyers at the Poppe Law Firm wondered the same thing, and we have found the answers for you!

According to the Kentucky State Police, 63% of all reported traffic accidents in the state happen in urban areas, while only 37% are in rural areas.  That’s a nearly 2-to-1 ratio of accidents in cities over the country. 

In 2010, 58.6% of Kentuckians lived in urban areas or small towns, while 41.1% lived in rural areas. Not only are city-dwellers in more accidents than those living in the country, but even as a ratio of the population cities have more car and semi-truck wrecks than rural areas of the state.

However, before rural drivers think they’re off the hook, the State Police report also notes that 56% of traffic deaths are in rural areas, while only 44% are in urban areas.  This makes sense, because high-speed accidents are more likely to result in a traffic death, and it is a lot easier to get up to high speeds on an open country road than a busy city street. 

So, whether you’re traveling a country mile or a city block, always remember to buckle up and obey the law!

The Poppe Law Firm represents people all over the state of Kentucky and Indiana involved in serious car,truck, semi, and motorcycle wrecks.


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