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Kentucky Bar Votes to Disbar Famous Lawyer Stan Chesley

Readers of this blog are likely familiar with our posts regarding the Kentucky Fen Phen litigation and the resulting criminal and disciplinary matters surrounding it. Two of the four lead lawyers have been placed in prison and now, famed class action lawyer Stan Chesley is facing disbarment for his role in the litigation and settlement of the Fen Phen class action. You can read the Trial Commissioner’s February recommendation here.

Yesterday, the KBA Board of Governers agreed with the Trial Commissioner and voted to disbar Chesley. Chesley has also ben ordered to pay back millions of dollars to his former clients that the KBA claims Chesley was not entitled to.

You can read the entire article at the Courier Journal website.

A trial has also been set for next year in another matter against Chesley claiming he improperly handled the settlement of another Kentucky class action against the Covington Diocese for childhood sexual abuse claims.

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