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Hulk Hogan Lawsuit Dismissed by Florida Judge

Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Wells Fargo and his ex-wife was dismissed by a Florida judge this month.

Hulk Hogan sued Wells Fargo and his ex-wfie, Linda, last year.  Hogan alleged in the suit Wells Fargo Southeast did not inform him of an additional umbrella policy to cover his assets.  The suit also alleges his ex-wife, as his manager, did not obtain the right insurance for Hogan.

The suit stems from Hogan’s son’s 2007 car accident where a passenger suffered a serious brain injury.  Hogan was liable on the injured passenger’s claim because he signed for his son’s driver’s license and Hogan’s insurance was inadequate.  Hogan settled the claims related to teh accident, including an out of pocket payment.

Because of the out of pocket payment, Hogan alleges his insurnace broker at Wells Fargo did not protect his wealth.  Hogan says the broker, whom he relied on for ten years to provide his insurance, could have protected him by telling him about additional insurance policies.   

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