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Doctor Fined for Lying Under Oath

Oddly enough, I just happened to have been in court several times when hearings were being conducted in a Louisville medical malpractice case involving a Louisville eye surgeon.  As a local attorney, I took great interest in the case, especially when the subject of the doctor’s alleged perjury arose.  Apparently, when the doctor learned he might be sued by a former patient, he decided he would send the former patient clippings from the newspaper where doctors successfully sued lawyers for unsuccessfully suing the doctor.  When asked about it in his depositon, the doctor lied (a bunch of times) and said he did not send the clippings to his patient.  Judge Fred Cowan, a former Kentucky Attorney General, didn’t take to well to the doctor’s lies. Judge Cowan fined the doctor several thousand dollars and ruled the jury can be informed that the doctor lied under oath.

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