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Kentucky Nursing Homes….Still Having Problems

Kentuckians for Nursing Home Reform investigated state nursing homes and the results were less than desirable. Of the 76 nursing homes the state of Kentucky investigated over a three month period, 34% showed poor performance and below-average results. 

The inspections were conducted by the state Office of Inspector General according to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and took place during the months of April, May and June of this year and found that nursing home deficiencies in Kentucky run from 0-28. According to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Servicesthe average number of deficiencies in Kentucky is six, but the report showed 26 nursing homes in state with more than that with numbers ranging from 7 to 25.

On a lighter note, six nursing homes reported absolutely no deficiencies which show that it can be done. Regional Medical Center of Hopkins, Madisonville, Home of the Innocents in Louisville, Breckinridge Place in Morganfield, Windsor Gardens in Bardstown, Robertson County Health Care in Mt. Olivet and Tanbark Health Care Center of Lexington. 

Founder of Kentuckians for Nursing Home Reform, Bernie Vonderheide said, “It is disturbing that 34 percent of the nursing homes inspected in this latest report, had so many deficiencies above the usual number. One deficiency is too much, and the residents are the big losers here. The public should demand better care. When will our government leaders act to protect these forgotten Kentuckians?”

It is important to be informed when it comes to choosing a nursing home facility for your loved ones. If you need help, feel free to request a copy of this special report, “Nursing Homes: What you absolutely, positively must know before choosing one” 

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