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Britney Spears’ Bodyguard Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against Her

Two days ago, a lawsuit was filed against Britney Spears in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The suit was filed by Spears’ bodyguard, Fernando Flores, who alleges Britney sexually harassed him, as well as abused her children. Although this case concerns a celebrity, sexual harassment is something that can occur in any workplace. Since I am an attorney who handles sexual harassment and employment cases in my practice, I am interested in following this case. 

The lawsuit alleges that Britney exposed herself to Mr. Flores and made sexual advances toward him. The compliant states that “the incident caused [Flores] shock and disgust.”  Unrelated to the sexual harassment, the lawsuit also claims that Britney abused her two small children, Preston and Jayden.  According to Flores, Britney asked him for his belt on one occasion and then “savagely hit the small child” with it.  On another occasion, Flores alleges Britney fed both of her boys crabmeat, despite them having severe fish allergies.  After they ate the crabmeat, they vomited, and Britney would not let her staff seek medical treatment for the boys, telling everyone to mind their own business. 

Britney and her attorneys expect the suit will be dismissed.  However, that decision is up to the courts in Los Angeles County.  Whatever happens, this case will surely be interesting to many.     

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