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Kentucky ranks 11th in the nation in trucking company safety violations

WTVQ based out of Lexington, KY reported on August 31st that currently Kentucky ranks 11th in the nation in trucking company safety violations per 100,000 residents. This could explain why so many trucking accidents upon further investigation are labeled as exactly that, accidents where no particular person was at fault. A semi-truck accident due to a blown tire or overturning on the road are not only incredibly dangerous but in most cases, entirely avoidable.
Unsafe Trucks

The American Association for Justice created a violations databasewhich compiles a listing of motor carriers operating with federal safety violations and organizes them by state. The Association also reports that as of April 2009, there were 28,274 trucking companies, representing more than 200,000 trucks, operating on U.S. roads with safety violations. Of those, hundreds are listed in the state of Kentucky alone, including over 100 companies based in Louisville. 

What’s more is that in an article published by the Association last month, they found that trucks make up less than 4% of all passenger vehicles on U. S. roads but are involved in 12% of all motor vehicle fatalities. Violations include defective brakes, bald tires and loads that exceed weight limits. Blend these dangers with the fact that most truck drivers are only getting 4-6 hours of sleep at a time and you’ve got a deadly combination on America’s highways.

Although Kentucky may not fall in the top five states with the highest violation rates (West Virginia, North Dakota, Nebraska, Vermont and Iowa) it doesn’t excuse the 104 fatalities the state incurred in 2007 that involved large trucks. Coming in at 11th, Kentucky reports 22 companies in violation of safety requirements per 100,000 people which is well over the U.S. average of 15. Neighboring states Indiana and West Virginia also come in above average with Indiana reporting 19 companies and West Virginia topping the list with 58. Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia and Missouri all fall below average with numbers ranging from 3 to13.

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