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Nursing Home Negligence and Complaints

Because I am one of only a handful of personal injury lawyers in Kentucky that handle nursing home negligence cases, I am frrequently contacted by people who believe their loved one received poor care while a nursing home resident. Understaffing, infrequent patient repositioning leading to pressure sores, dehydration and a lack of general personal care are the major complaints. Not to mention overmedication and physical and chemical restraints.  

In reviewing theses cases we have noticed that the majority of complaints arise out of the care given at for profit nursing homes.

Well…..It appears our very non-scientific assumption has been given scientific credibility.  Non-profit nursing homes provide better care than their profit driven counterparts.  At least that’s the conclusion of Canadian researchers who reviewed the results of 82 studies from 1965 to 2003.  “Based on their findings, the review authors calculated that if all nursing homes were non-profit, nursing home residents in the United States would receive 500,000 more hours of nursing care per day, while those in Canada would receive 42,000 more hours of nursing care per day.”

The National Institute on Aging has some excellent information to help you choose a good home. 

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