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Forbes Hates Trial Lawyers. But Wants More of Them?

It’s no secret that Forbes Magazine hates lawyers.  Especially trial lawyers.  After all, aren’t the trial lawyers the ones running the economy into the ground, forcing those nice insurance companies to raise premiums and making it impossible for doctors to deliver babies? (don’t forget trial lawyers are also probably responsible for acide rain, global warming, famine, locusts, termites, etc.)

So, why is Forbes now saying we need more trial laywers, not less?!  Well it seems that Forbes is concerned with all of the foodborne illness that come from contaminated foods that are not properly prepared or packaged.  William Baldwin writes “One possible solution is more government and more laws. Those familiar with the proclivities of this magazine will not be surprised that I take a dim view of this solution (and, in particular, of the proposed Food Safety Modernization Act, which would bury food preparers in paperwork). No, I would prefer to have the same government and the same laws, but–here’s the surprise–more tort lawyers.”

Baldwin concludes by saying “Add technology to tort law and you get a powerful force for safety.”

Something us trial lawyers have known and preached for a long time.  However, it isn’t limited to food, you can thank lawyers for seatbelts, airbags, kids pajamas that don’t burst into flame, and a million other things that keep people safe.  It’s about time someone over at Forbes recognized the vitally important role lawyers play in society.


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