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Breach of Heartland Payment Systems

If you live in or around Louisville, Kentucky, you may have noticed a small blurb in the Courier-Journal about a local Jeffersonville, Indiana company called Heartland Payment Systems.  It appeared on inaguration day, so I don’t blame you if you missed it; however, it is a BIG STORY…. regardless of how little media attention it received.

Heartland Payment Systems, based in New Jersey, processes 100 million credit card transactions per month in its processing center in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  And therein lies the problem.  Heartland President Robert H.B. Baldwin Jr said the company found evidence last week that their had been an electronic “intrusion” occuring for the last several months.  Baldwin indicated that both credit-card names and numbers were exposed.

ComputerWorld has a detailed article outlining how this data breach, which may be the largest in history by surpassing the TJX case, has sparked concerns in the industry over how to keep information safe and secure.

The Poppe Law Firm is local counsel in the Countrywide data breach litigation currently pending before an MDL in the Western District of Kentucky.  The Poppe Law Firm is also attempting to assist individuals that have received notification that their credit or debit card information was accessed by virtue of the Heartland Payment Systems security breach.  Please feel free to contact our office. 502-895-3400


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