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Local Counsel Offered Regarding Countrywide Data Breach

Last year one of the largest data breaches in history was discovered when a former Countrywide employee was arrested Aug. 1 and charged with illegally accessing the firm’s computers for more than two years.  The information was being sold to mortgage brokers to be used as sales leads, federal authorities said in August. In an attempt to appease its customers, Countrywide offered security monitoring services; however they sent the notifications in what appeared to be junk mail envelopes and many customers probably threw them awasy.  Countrywide also failed to notify its customers that it actually has an ownership interest in the security monitoring company.

The data breach led to multiple lawsuits against Countrywide and related entities in several different states and federal jurisdcitions.  
Eventually, all of the lawsuits were consolidated into an MDL  which was assigned by the head of the MDL litigation panel, Judge John Heyburn,  to the Western District of Kentucky, Judge Thomas Russell.

We are local counsel for several of the out of state law firms.  For more information, please contact us.


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