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The Results Are In! Medicare’s Best Places to Get Nursing Home Care

USA Today has published the results of Medicare’s 5 year long study to determine the best places to get nursing home care.  They have used an easy to understand 5-star system similar to that used to rank hotels and restaurants.

You can read the article and look up a particular nursing home by following this link:  USAToday Article and Results

The article concludes that non-profit nursing homes and nursing homes associated with hospitals consistently rank higher.  
This begs the question that frustrates lawyers that handle nursing home negligence cases.  Why doesn’t the government demand transparency of corporations owning and operating nursing homes?  Instead, they are allowed to participate in a “Corporate Shell Game”  where multiples layers of corporations and LLCs are set up to hide assets from the individuals who are injured.

In a separate post, I’ll discuss what I believe state and federal governments should be doing to protect our nursing home residents.


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