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The Quest to Prove Nursing Home Abuse

Those of us lawyers that handle nursing home abuse and negligence cases are always confronted with the problem that often the resident is unable to tell us what happened to them or who did it.  That’s the problem with nursing home abuse cases, the abuse doesn’t occur when the family is around.  This often leads to a problem proving the case.  Some advocates of nursing home reform have called for video cameras to be installed in all facilities.  This likely will never occure due to privacy concerns of other residents.
One Richmond, Kentucky family ignored those privacy concerns in favor of finding out what was going on with their loved one.  According to the Lexington-Herald Leader, the Attorney General’s office has opened an investigation into the care provided at a Richmond, Kentucky facility. “The investigation comes after the family of an 84-year-old resident hid a video camera in her room at Madison Manor in Richmond.  The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that the videotape shows nursing assistants at Madison Manor physically abusing and taunting Armeda Thomas of Irvine and failing to feed and clean her. Madison Manor is part of the Richmond Health and Rehabilitation Complex, owned by Wisconsin-based Extendicare.”
Don’t even get me started on the corporate shell game these nursing homes play to insulate themselves from lawsuits for abuse of residents.  That’s a post for a different day.
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