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Today a Jury Awarded Louise Ogborn $6.1 Million in Her Lawsuit Against McDonalds

Today a jury awarded Louise Ogborn $6.1 Million in her lawsuit against McDonalds arising out of a hoax phone call 3 years ago that led to her being strip-searched and forced to perform sodomy on a manager’s boyfriend. A few days ago I was asked by WHAS news to explain the jury instructions and what the jury would be deciding. Today I was asked to be present for the reading of the verdict and provide an analysis. I truly believe this was a victory for Louise and her lawyers. This Bullitt County jury sent a message to McDonalds. Protect your employees, not your brand image. You can read an in depth post about Louise Ogborn and the case as well as see the 20/20 interview from 3 years ago by clicking here

Hans Poppe 

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