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The Truth About Allstate Insurance from a Former Adjuster

Geneva Hager, 60, suffered neck and back injuries in a July 1997 rear-end car wreck in 1997 in Lexington. Her insurance claim with Allstate Insurance, which insured the truck driver who hit her, was not settled until December 1999. Her attorney, Dale Golden sued them for bad faith and is trying the case in Lexington. Allstate has a lot of bad press. Former Allstate adjuster Debbie Niemer took the stand and explained how Allstate forced people in minor accidents to take less for their claims than they are worth. She talked about how adjusters are penalized if they pay more than the predetermined value of a case. She discussed how Allstate keeps a list of doctors to send injury victims to that will minimize the claimant’s injuries. She also revealed that Allstate keeps lists of plaintiffs attorneys that are aggressive, and those who aren’t! You can read more about her testimony in the Lexington Herald Leader. 

Hans Poppe

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