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The Importance of Having a Lawyer with a Conscience

In just a little under two months, Larry Birkhead’s lawyer, Debri Opri has somehow managed to bill him a whopping $620,492.84. That much money and he doesn’t even have custody of little Danni Lynn??? Is it any wonder lawyers have such a bad reputation. I can’t understand how an attorney could in good conscience submit such a bill to a client. One of the charges includes a $2,500 dollar dinner that Birkhead wan’t even in present. Out of fairness I have to say I have not seen the entire bill and I don’t know if it includes any legal work prior to Anna Nicole’s death. However, the portions being shown on the internet contain items which I am certain would not fly here in Louisville. If the $475 and hour isn’t enough to make you blanch, how about 18 limo rides, or $4,500 fo Opri’s personal publicist (hmmm, maybe I need a publicist.). To see more of the billings, go here

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