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Progressive Insurance Company Admits to Video Taping Private Church Group Meetings

As an attorney who handles automobile accident personal injury cases, I always tell my clients that, “regardless of how injured you are, the insurance company could be videotaping your every move.”  But even I didn’t think an insurance company would stoop to the level of having its investigators sneak into church support groups where abortions, addictions and other personal problems were discussed.  Not only that, they taped recorded them. 

Well, seeing is believing. Progressive Insurance Company’s CEO has admitted that its investigators have done exactly this.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a pair of detectives hired by Progressive became members of the Southside Christian Fellowship Church in August 2005 in order to get damaging information on two church members involved in a 2004 traffic accident.

Apparently, Progressive thought this information might be useful in complying with their duty to “investigate” claims. 

If a lawyer were to engage in such behavior a suspension would likely be the result. I wonder if anything will happen to Progressive? 

Hans Poppe

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