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Pediatrician Sued for Medical Malpractice

I have to say, when I received this blog post yesterday, I could hardly believe it. It seems a pediatrician from up north has been sued for medical malpractice involving the death of a child patient. The doctor, only identified as “Flea” has been blogging about the trial since it started. In fact, he has even revealed attorney-client priviliged communications and tips and strategies given to him by his trial consultant. Not only has Flea made a mockery of the judicial system, he has jeapordized his insurance coverage. I wish you could read the cavalier attitude with which he writes his posts (he actually pondered whether the plaintiff’s attorney was a “pillow biter.”) I really wish you could read the comments posted by his supporters (mainly other doctors). It would seem from reading this blog and the comments that every single medical negligence case ever filed is bogus and filed only by those seeking a “lottery win.” (Yes, for those of you wondering, every parent would rather have a fistful of dollars instead of their once breathing child.) Unfortunately, you likely won’t get to read the blog posts since smarter head must have prevailed and forced him to remove it during the trial. It is off the web as of today. You can still read a little of it here. 


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