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Paul Hastings Sued After Failing to Register Trademark

Kat House Productions, LLC, owner of Surf-Chick clothing, has filed a legal malpractice suit against the mega law firm Paul Hasting, LLP

The Ventura, Calif.-based Kat House Productions say Paul Hastings failed to register trademarks after saying it had done so.  According to the New York Attorney Malpractice Blog, “The suit, in Manhattan federal court, says Christian Dior SA was able to copy the “Surf Chick” mark because of the alleged negligence of the firm and several attorneys. “Had defendants properly applied for, and diligently prosecuted, the trademark applications, Christian Dior would not have been able to mimic and copy plaintiffs’ mark,” the complaint says. ” to mimic and copy Kat House’s work.

The suit is being heard in the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York.

Hans Poppe

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